Weather Vanes & Cupolas

  • AZEK Material: All cupolas are available in AZEK material. AZEK products have the look, feel, and sound of premium lumber without any of the maintenance issues associated with wood products. AZEK resists moisture and insects, and will not rot, cup, or decay. AZEK does not need paint for protection; however it does have excellent paint adhesion and can be painted to achive a custom color
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners: Our AZEK cupolas are assembled with stainless steel fasteners that will not rust or decay
  • Premium Grade Cypress Lumber: Available in a premium grade of Cypress lumber known as "Select" grade that can be painted, stained, or finished with wood sealer
  • Easy Installation: Cupolas come in three sections(roof,middle & base) for ease of handling and installation
  • Weathervane Mount Built-In: Cupolas are weathervane ready for easy weathervane mounting
  • Screening: Optional screening available
  • Copper Top: Topped with 16 ounce, 24 gauge standing seam copper
  • Roof Pitch: Bases will accommodate up to a 10/12 roof pitch. Optional extended bases for steeper roofs are available
  • Red Ceder Available: Can be special ordered in Western Red Cedar

Shipping Policy

We ship UPS - shipping and taxes will be added to total. For a complete catalog & price sheet please e-mail your mailing address.


To order, please call: 410-770-3372

Angel - 630P

Specification Option
Weathervane 'figure' measurements: 27"L x 14"H x 4"W

Bear - 695P

Specification Option
Weathervane 'figure' measurements: 25"L x 17"H x 4"W

Chopper - 694P

Specification Option
Weathervane 'figure' measurements: 34"L x 18"H x 6.5"W

Cow - 552V1

Specification Option
Weathervane 'figure' measurements: n/a

Dolphin - 9507P

Specification Option
Weathervane 'figure' measurements: 27"L x 16"H